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Desert Dreamers

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The desert to some may seem like an arid wasteland,

barren and desolate, parched and lifeless.

But to the dreamer it is not.

The thirsty soul of the dreamer is enchanted by the magic and wonder of this special place.

The dreamer alone savors the fragrance, the aromatic scent of Rosemary and Sage, knowing it is natures hallowed incense, sacred and purifying.

The dreamer sees.

They behold the tiny golden wild-flowers hidden in the cracks of the dry, puzzle-like earth.

They cherish the fact that they may be witness to all these wondrous gifts of the wilderness.

Twinkling night stars displayed like a diamond necklace on the black velvet backdrop of the desert sky, dance to celestial melodies and perform for the chosen few.

The dreamers,

the ones who lift their faces upwards toward the heavens in worship.

I wasn’t always a disciple. I scorned the desert, unappreciative of its secrets and shadows. Unaware of its rapture and magic spells.

Now I have awakened from my sleep to dream.

I have awakened to dream and to be a dreamer.

Barbara Berg  April 9 th,2007Desert Dreamers

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