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12227595_1035968566426545_2652201253606899511_nMy newest Chapter in “Sing with Bliss” explains the correlations of musical notes and Chakra centers. I have just now downloaded the Chakra scale on Sound cloud for all my new students.

The first exercise is to hummmm along with each note of the Chakra Scale. Humming warms up your voice and warms up your soul. Humming on the chakra notes provide a host of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits listed in my book. The next chapter is how to create resonance in your voice and body to augment the vibratory benefits even more. A voice with resonance is a voice that deeply touches peoples hearts.

Here is the Chakra scale by: B.B. Berg


Stay tuned!


Epiphany for the New Years

A day of sublime realization: I sincerely pray for my own Happiness and to release all attachments, that I had previously held, that dictated that I needed health, money and success in order to be Happy. I pray to be Happy “Here and Now” just as I am. *To be the Buddha of Absolute Freedom means to experience absolute, lasting Joy. THE JOY DERIVED FROM THE LAW

This does not mean to let go of my hopes and dreams BUT to let go of the need or attachment to have or achieve these things in order to be Happy! *Just as the moon cannot shine by itself, I want to become like The Sun, which shines on its own.

*From a lecture by Mr. Takahashi at Trets, France, S.G.I. European Culture


“Si tienes un amigo, visítalo con frecuencia pues las malas hierbas y las espinas invaden el camino por donde nadie pasa”

Proverbio Àrabe

If you have a friend visit them frequently, weeds and thorns overrun the path that no one walks on.”

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Angels in the Wind

Desert dust particles reflecting the evening sun, shine & sparkle like an infinite stream of Angels in the Wind. Angels of Love are everywhere.  Every day the benevolent Universe reveals more and more wondrous light shows.
We are Happy, We are Blessed.





The Awe and Wonder of nature


Leaving my little camper in Tecopa Hot Springs, I head towards the bath house on this lucious and balmy evening. I am immediately rewarded by the euphoric faces of our fellow campers, luminous faces radiant in Wonder and Awe.
Looking westward toward the mountainous panorama we are all bathed in a crimson and pink blush. Relishing our gift of this stunning and magnificent Sunset we have all fallen quiet and spellbound.
Transfixed and breathless we drink in the Violet waves of this Joy and thankfulness. 
In this extraordinary moment we are all connected. A hushed silence in deep reverence and prayer becomes a sort of cosmic glue and we are one. Many in body, one in mind. Thank you Universe, thank you beloved worshippers of life.



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