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This book took 20 years to compose but I finished it at the most perfect moment in my life.


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Overcoming attachment

Note from Author of this blog.

I received this Guidance years ago and don’t remember the source nor even how I received this but it was truly, and is still, the answer to my fervent prayer to save my own life. There is no other possible root cause, that I can see, to the events that have made up the entirety of my life.

Letting go of these kinds of attachments are synonymous to letting go of an addiction, none too easy but essential to living a happy, healthy and bountiful life, that we all deserve. And so it is.

The key word is deserve. Enjoy and I Pray that this, coupled with prayer and deep introspection, changes the fundamental things in your life that are holding you back too.  I now let go of all the false beliefs that have kept me from being my true, most magnificent, most radiant self. I deserve it!


The guidance:

Mr. Yokota’s encouragement

I had the great fortune of spending almost 4 hours last night with Mr. Yokota. It was just the two us, and I feel compelled to share his unbelievable wisdom with you. A few weeks ago he gave a lecture in NYC at the Culture Center and one of the things he talked about was overcoming attachments. Which happens to be one of the seven jewels we polish to illuminate the treasure tower. I wanted to understand what he meant by that.


To me and maybe to many of you, when we hear that – overcoming attachment – we automatically assume we have to give up desire, or material possessions, or dreams or whatever. He explained to me so beautifully, to overcome attachments in Nichiren Buddhism simply means to overcome our attachment to our fears, our mistrust, our incorrect beliefs, our past, etc.  He said that we suffer because we have an attachment to our pain and suffering, and if we can chant to understand the origin of the pain and suffering, and then “let go” we will, quite quickly, overcome our need to perpetuate it and begin to attach ourselves to our Buddhahood and the Mystic Law.


Then our lives will open in a huge way, fulfilling all desires and dreams. He said that we attach ourselves to our suffering because “the effect is what we’re familiar with”.


So, he encouraged me (as I am now encouraging you) to place my trust in the Mystic Law. To place my trust in my Buddhahood and when Nichiren Daishonin said in “On Attaining Buddhahood in this Lifetime”, if you think the Mystic Law is outside yourself, you are embracing not the Mystic Law but an inferior teaching.


How we can interpret that is, anything or anyone (parents, friends, lovers, you name it) who has made us believe that we weren’t good enough, or lovable, or worthy, or deserving and that now is the time to discard that belief, and place our trust in the power and truth of our own lives.


One last thing he said was that when we are chanting for our dreams and desires and sometimes we get negative feedback from the environment, or it seems, that something just isn’t or can’t happened, he said that is our “cue” our opportunity to transform the karma.  He said we have two choices, one is to give up, the other chant with complete conviction that we will transform the doubt and lack of self worth we have about ourselves – another attachment.


The environment reflects both our positive and negative tendencies and most of the time the negatives one’s being how we “genuinely” feel about ourselves. He said, this is the Buddhism of cause, but we keep trying to change/manipulate the effect.  He said, we must focus on our own lives and eradicate our feelings of lack of self worth. The environment will respond to our treasuring and valuing our lives accordingly.

20 years in the making!

COVER LANDSCAPEI thought I finished this book 2 years ago when I was in my beloved pueblo Caldetas, Spain but it took me living in the Desert, unable to go outdoors in the scorching heat, and having too much time on my hands, to finally go through the 100`s upon hundreds of photos and compiling my original poems from the original project. Yes! 20 years ago.

I see now why I had to spend my days this summer pouring over beautiful pictures of the Sea.

Everything is perfect in my perfect world.

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Here is one excerpt:


Morning dance of the sea,

treasures of pure gold that follow the rays of the morning sun.

A tribal dance of shining jewels,

in a sacred ceremony of joy and bliss that

enchants and transforms all the worshipers of life.

Copywrite form (TXu824-825) 1997 (all rights reserved) B.B. Berg


3. morning dance on the sea

IMG_0361The title of this book came from an Affirmation I used nightly while looking up at the immense Universe and constellations in the Death Valley area where I used to live.

The true meaning of this title is that,  after trying so many doctors, therapies, hot springs, massage, and acupressure to heal my neck I finally surrendered.

I gave up healing the excruciating pain in my neck area , that started on my 60th birthday in Windsor, Ca., by traditional means.

The metaphor “looking up at the stars” signifies looking upward therefore inward to the source of light that has always been here for me.

Metaphysical means beyond physical and so my journey began.

Toxic thoughts create toxic results.

Somewhere deep inside of me I was holding on to false belief systems about myself and my world which manifested in this pain, poverty and lack of support.

I can now truly say this pain has been my best friend and greatest blessing.

When I started this personal journal I truly had no clue of the life altering shifts it would create!

Very soon after I started this book my marriage, relationship of 13 years ended abruptly.

Intuition is our communication from our higher power.

Basing everything I do on my Buddhist prayer Nam M,yo ho Renge Kyo, my journal, prayer, takes me to places I had never dreamed of.

Although I did not write this very personal journal to be published I have decided to write excerpts here in my blog so that perhaps one person can gain the peace and inner serenity in the process that I took, and am still taking.

With my greatest Love for you my beloved friends.

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