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“Si tienes un amigo, visítalo con frecuencia pues las malas hierbas y las espinas invaden el camino por donde nadie pasa”

Proverbio Àrabe

If you have a friend visit them frequently, weeds and thorns overrun the path that no one walks on.”

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Angels in the Wind

Desert dust particles reflecting the evening sun, shine & sparkle like an infinite stream of Angels in the Wind. Angels of Love are everywhere.  Every day the benevolent Universe reveals more and more wondrous light shows.
We are Happy, We are Blessed.





The Awe and Wonder of nature


Leaving my little camper in Tecopa Hot Springs, I head towards the bath house on this lucious and balmy evening. I am immediately rewarded by the euphoric faces of our fellow campers, luminous faces radiant in Wonder and Awe.
Looking westward toward the mountainous panorama we are all bathed in a crimson and pink blush. Relishing our gift of this stunning and magnificent Sunset we have all fallen quiet and spellbound.
Transfixed and breathless we drink in the Violet waves of this Joy and thankfulness. 
In this extraordinary moment we are all connected. A hushed silence in deep reverence and prayer becomes a sort of cosmic glue and we are one. Many in body, one in mind. Thank you Universe, thank you beloved worshippers of life.


Faith is the key

Have you seen the movie Lucy yet?
My interpretation of this movie is that we all have this potential.  To : mold the world at our wills.
Faith is the key to unlocking our full potential.
We have the Power inside to manifest all of our dreams.
When we enter the zone of truth within ourselves we can be unstoppable!


“The Philosophy of the broken plate ” is a wonderful and uplifting way to look at life’s treasures and signs from the Universe that we are on the right path.

I want you to imagine the ancient mariners after sailing for years on the open sea.

Before they call the infamous “LAND HO, they see evidence of the end of their long and arduous journey through the endless blue.

Being experienced sailors they recognize the signs:

The smells of earth.

The birds surrounding the ship.

The seaweed telling them they are in shallow waters.

The change in the colors of the seas.

The feeling that land is very close.

In one of the numerous books I study on energy healing and manifestation (Forgive me for at this moment I do not recall the title of this book) there is a story of a woman that expresses this philosophy, that I call “The philosophy of the Broken Plate.”

Following all the prescribed guidances * to manifest abundance and beautiful things 

this woman wanted to attract a beautiful set of plates into her life.

*She did the affirmations of love and forgiveness.

*She recognized the power of her words. (whether they were of lack or of fortune)

* She disciplined herself to think positively, no matter what her so called ‘reality’ was.

*She released her deep subconscious  limiting thoughts and thought only of expansion. 

And so one day she happened upon a rummage sale and found the most beautiful, wondrous plate but it was broken!

She went immediately to her friend, the healer, and complained about this broken plate.

“This isn’t what I wanted!” “It’s Broken!”

With great wisdom and compassion the healer told her,”This is the sign!”

This is the sign that you are on the right path. It’s close, very close!

The same as the sailors headed towards land and seeing the signs of nature!

How happy this woman was to hear these wise and encouraging words!

She was so encouraged that soon she manifested the perfect plate set she truly wanted.

Her attitude of expecting, being hopeful and being encouraged was what triggered the fast response from the benevolent Universe.

And so I say to myself and to those of you who may be reading this.

Look for the signs and you will find them.

Contrary to the negative programing we’ve had, KEEP YOUR HOPES UP!

If we want money and find a penny on the ground, Rejoice!

If we want a great recording studio and find a cassette player, it’s coming!


Breath taking Cedar Breaks Utah by B.B. Berg

Breath taking Cedar Breaks Utah by B.B. Berg

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