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B.B. Berg Vocal Coach

B.B. Berg

Vocal Coach

Contact: 702 502 5918

 Email: bbbergjazz@gmail.com


Professional Profile

As a Vocal coach and Music Professor:

I have taught singing for over 30 years. I am bilingual and taught in Spanish for over 20 years in Barcelona, Spain. Also providing years of private lessons in Las Vegas, Nevada and New York City.

My book “Singshop Método Integral de Canto” was used as a text book in the renowned Music school Taller de Musics in Barcelona, where I taught all levels of students from beginners to professionals. http://www.tallerdemusics.com/

My newest book, which my courses are now based upon, is called “Sing with Bliss” and will be available as an invaluable reference and resource to all my future students. https://bbberg.wordpress.com/2016/01/04/singwithbliss/


My method

I have a very holistic method of teaching that includes yogic- pranic breathing, visualization (tools for pitch improvement), vocalizing, self confidence and self esteem tools, ear training, warm up scales and fun singing-body work exercises. I also have a repertoire of methods to help my students in their stage presence, microphone techniques and movement.

My classes and workshops have helped literally 1000’s of students in Spain and around the world to improve pitch, power and confidence.


Singer, Performer

I have been a professional singer, dancer and actor for well over 30 years. I have performed in a variety of venues including night clubs, concert halls and stadiums in New York City, Barcelona, Spain, and Las Vegas, NV.

My personal repertoire includes jazz standards, popular music, hits from the 60’s, traditional blues, new age and most notably my original compositions.  To listen to some of my compositions feel free to go to: http://cdbaby.com/cd/bbberg



Vocal Teaching experience

New York City

  • 1985-1990 created and started “Singshop” Workshops, group and private singing classes in New York City with singer, astrologer, psychic: Joni Ross


Barcelona, Spain

  • 1990-1991 Lailo Cultural Center
  • 1991- 1993 Simfonia Escuela de Musica, Mataro – Music classes for children
  • 1993- 2005 Ongoing private classes at my then home on the coast of Northern Spain.
  • 1995- 2005 Taller de Músics
  • 2000 – I was chosen to assist the Summer Jazz teaching course, Helsinki Finland
  • Numerous master classes all over Barcelona and northern Spain.


Las Vegas

7 years of private lessons to children and adults


Formal Training

  • Voice with David Sorin Collier, teacher of Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli and Manhattan Transfer- N.Y.C.
  • Pranic diaphragm training classes by renowned Sephardic professor – N.Y.C.
  • Voice training in Indian Jazz – Fusion technique- The Taller de Musics, Barcelona
  • Acting at the world famous Herbert Berghoff (H.B.) Studios –New York City
  • Filmmaking and Photography at Rochester School of Visual Arts
  • Jazz dance at Carnegie Hall
  • 13 years of Belly Dance study in Barcelona, Spain
  • Kundalini Yoga and Bikram Yoga – Barcelona and Las Vegas- ongoing
  • Throat singing course at Burningman Arts Festival
  • I am Certified in a Hands on Healing technique called “Longevitology” Master professor –

Tzu-Chen Lin flew into Las Vegas from Taiwan for beginning, intermediate and advanced classes at the Sahara Library sponsored by The Las Vegas Chinese Cultural foundation.

  • Continuous studies in E.F.T. and author of the book “Free your Life” based on E.F.T. training and personal life changing experiences with E.F.T.
  • G.I. Support group meetings, Barcelona, Spain, New York City and Las Vegas as a Speaker, lecturer, and life coach.
  • Laughter Yoga- Santa Rosa CA
  • Theta Healing

Online C.D.’s by: Vianna Stibal & Telephone conferences with: Dawn Hewitt – Seattle Theta Healing

  • Vocal Healing/Sound Healing – Over 34 years of S.G.I. Buddhist practice and study (the chanting of mantra: Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo, including Intensive Study sessions in Tokyo, L.A. New York, Barcelona and Las Vegas
  • Founder and Creator of Wing Therapy:


Awards: Carl Seashore Test

I won an award for being one of the top 5 scoring students in the entire city of Rochester, New York.

The Carl Seashore test was sponsored by the Eastman School of Music as a test of musical hearing ability devised by psychology professor Carl Emil Seashore. He tests five kinds of musical ability: discrimination of pitches, dissonance, rhythmical figures, and intensity; as well as an ability to remember melodies.


Language Skills

I am fully fluent in English and Spanish and speak conversational French. Also some conversational Japanese!


Daily Encouragement – Daisaku Ikeda
Wednesday, January 27, 2010
Viewing events and situations in a positive light is important. The strength, wisdom and cheerfulness that accompany such an attitude lead to happiness. To regard everything in a positive light or with a spirit of goodwill, however, does not mean being foolishly gullible and allowing people to take advantage of our good nature. It means having the wisdom and perception to actually move things in a positive direction by seeing things in their best light, while all the time keeping our eyes firmly focused on reality.

Daisaku Ikeda



When there is no action that you can take, toward a solution to a problem or dilemma, it is better to Relax and gather up your energies for the moment when you will be able to take action.

love to all B.B.


Land of Tranquil light


Turning the hell of incessant suffering into the Land of Tranquil Light.

For those of you who know me suffice it to say this has been truly the worst year of my life.

However! In this Buddhism I practice we can change the Hell of incessant suffering into the Land of Tranquil Light!

I am doing this now!

I have decided that from this moment on these will be the Happiest years of my life!

Safe Harbor


Inspired by the book, “Celebrate your self enhancing your own self esteem” by: Dorothy Corkille Briggs pg 85 regarding trigger events:

Quote from this book “Overreactions can be used as friends to pinpoint the past source.”

*(of a trauma or undealt- with pain.) 

These events deal with sore and tender spots and have little to do with the reaction to the person, place or thing of the moment

They are called triggers.

Quote from this book “Past pains need to be dealt with directly if they are to be laid to rest permanently.” 

Dealing with the present situation, person or thing will NOT bring the results you would like, which is to release this original pain.

We need to place ourselves in a “Safe Harbor” so that we can release these repressed emotions.

Physical relief– unleash, in a safe place, this past rage.

(I found myself screaming at the top of my lungs while driving yesterday and knew beyond a  shadow of a doubt that getting lost up in the mountains (the trigger) was really my friend so that I could  release a huge amount of pent-up anger and frustration. (*Important- without hurting myself or anyone else!)

Physiological relief- awareness that it was actually original pain caused by my father`s criticism of me. (for example)

To re-experience and fully express these pent up feelings.

Perhaps writing a letter and burning it or  speaking out loud as though they were by your side.

A safe Harbor.

In my opinion this is perhaps the most important point:

Do not deny to yourself the urge to retaliate.

Do not tell yourself you are Bad for having these feelings.

Find a safe harbor where you may express yourself freely. (without hurting yourself or others.

For more about loving the self inside of these feelings please see the article on:


Also E.F.T. is in perfect alignment with this as it states your issue while following up with

I deeply and completely love myself anyways.

see  links here:



Let me know about your journey as we are all in this together.

Blessings B.B.






Just before I left Las Vegas my dear friend gifted me with a massage.

The very first thing that this amazing Hawaiian man told me was: “Forgiveness: to forgive yourself and another, and not to look back.”

He said ” On your journey today you will merely glance at the rear-view mirror because  most all of your attention will be on the road up ahead.

If you focus on your rear view mirror you will surely have an accident and you will at the same time not be able to enjoy the splendid views of your trip

This is my focus now.

I am looking FORWARD from today onward.