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Poem for the clouds:
Wonderous clouds, almost within my reach.
Oceans of pure white. Waves of light and gaiety dance above my brow.
I look upward in wonder and remember.
Life is beautiful, too beautiful to spend my time looking down.

Excerpt from my book in progress:

Today, Oct 3rd, 2020
I am about to fulfill a dream project.
I chanted so much Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo to realize this dream and I decided that today was the day that I would finally shoot this film, this passionate project of filming my Wing dance from above, from a drone.
This experience was the effect of many synchronicities.

The drone photographer came to me about a month ago from a conversation to a friend. From out of the blue she sent me an ad posted on a website that offered drone photography.
I called him and made a plan. I started practicing my dance moves despite the heat in this desert where I live.

I bought a video editing program and began practicing using it.
I never was good at spinning but I practiced spinning around until the nausea would force me to stop.
I endured the oppression that this arid and sweltering desert summers present and continued practicing and studying these dance moves in my little driveway.
Today I woke up and knew, knew with my whole being, that all the preparations were in alignment and that this was the day to do this!
Take the leap!
Trust in the flow!
I called him and said “It’s tonight!”
It all happened on this evening more beautifully and mystically than I ever imagined possible.
Dreams really do come true.
The wind was nonexistent, which almost never happens in this windy corner of the world. The drone photographer (FYI Droning) showed up at the perfect moment, the location I had been scouting for, for weeks, was astounding and the sunset was uncannily and majestically perfect.
Pray and move your feet.
I did all the preparations and the result was perfect. I found a song I had sung 20 years ago that was the exact message I wanted to convey. It was even the exact, unplanned, length of this video!
This was my heartfelt prayer to the world.
Here is the link to my final creation:


Law of attraction indeed works.

*for more about Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo please go to:

20200730_202917-01-01blessings and good evening  all who behold the light in the darkness.  Love B.B.

I have taught singing for over 30 years in both English and Spanish.
I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to live and teach singing, for almost 20 years, in Barcelona, Spain.
My book “Singshop Método Integral de Canto” was used as a text book in the renowned Music school Taller de Musics. http://www.tallerdemusics.com/`
I taught all levels of students from beginners to professionals.
A brief summary of my experience:
• New York City
1985-1990 created and started “Singshop” Workshops. (group and private singing classes)
• Barcelona, Spain
1990-1991 Lailo Cultural Center, Barcelona, Spain
1991- 1993 Simfonia Escuela de Musica, Mataro
1993-2005 Private classes at my home, Caldetas
1995- 2005 Taller de Músics, Barcelona, Spain
• Helsinki Finland
In 2000 – I was chosen to assist the Summer Jazz teaching course.
• Las Vegas
2005-2015 Private lessons for children and adults in my studio in Las Vegas
• Palm Springs
2017-2018 Wellness City (a mental health day facility)
2018-2019 The Path (a mental health live in facility) I facilitated wellness classes based on singing, breathing and confidence building.

img_20200618_111906_20200628123104691photo by B.B. Berg

Taken at Tiajuana Estuary.

Setting fire to wet tinder.

No matter how earnestly Nichiren prays for you, if you lack faith, it will be like trying to set fire to wet tinder. Spur
yourself to muster the power of faith. (“The Strategy of the Lotus Sutra,” The Writings of Nichiren Daishonin, vol. 1, pp. 1000–01)

This is an amazing example of the power of visualization.

I actually tried to set fire to a piece of paper, a photograph actually, yesterday in the rain storm.

It was hard almost impossible but I kept persevering for some reason unbeknownst to myself.

I finally managed to burn away some of it before the soaking wet paper would no longer ignite.

Today as I sat in prayer I saw this image of me yesterday and realized that I had to pray as though setting fire to wet tinder!

Negative karma is sometimes stuck so deeply within us that it’s virtually going to take a flame thrower to burn it away.

Perseverance and of course faith are key.

The mind can picture things because we are gifted with imagination.

When we chant Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo we can visualise our prayers like a flame and bring forth more intensity in our chanting.



I made a decision last full moon, in September, that by the next full moon my whole life and it’s circumstances would change.

It was in that moment looking up at that full 🌙 moon , a deep and powerful prayer emerged. A prayer for love, a prayer for abundance, a prayer to live a happier and better life.

It it October now and the full moon this month has brought with it an explosion. When this recent full moon occurred – my whole life shattered.

My heart broke wide open and the sharp and cutting pieces of it bled me on the deepest levels I had ever known.

A type of rage, hatred, and jealousy so hot and boiling poured out of me that shocked me to my core!

Someone, once important, in my life had triggered these unconscious enemies. They, that person, was a catalyst. I won’t explain at this juncture the circumstances but I will say as a consequence of these horrific feelings arising in me an intense self- loathing also arose. Obviously this was always there, laying buried deep inside if me. It now was being brutally dragged to my consciousness, erupting and being brought to the surface.

There is nothing more painful to our higher power, our source energy, our true self, than our own self loathing. It is so against the way our higher self views us that it causes a type of splintering heartbreak within.

Thoughts of hopelessness and despair almost had me stop this cleansing process, almost had me give up.

I continued! In our Buddhist practice of chanting Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo we realize that the devilish functions exist and attempt to prevent you from attaining Buddhahood. In that moment they had completely taken over me. Nonetheless I perservered. Today marks about a week after this event.

( although it seems a hundred years! Suffering alters time for sure)  I fought with all my heart through prayer and taking to good friends and have Now come to the realization that THIS WAS THE ANSWER TO MY FULL MOON PRAYER!

How could I ever expect the divine Universe to surround me with Abundance and Love if inside of me I was vibrating at a completely different level!

How could I have faced this Self Loathing if I didn’t even know it was there to this extent?


Codependent behavior in Buddhist terms =  having a lack of faith.
Lack of faith in our prayers for another and lack of faith in the Buddha nature of those around us.
Lack of faith in anothers’ process or path to their greatest good (Human Revolution.)
In previous articles I have shared:
Turn your dysfunction into your “Greatest Benefit!”
 By taking our controlling behavior to the Gohonzon and transforming it into the Greatest Good for ourselves and others.
Be as codependent as we like in front of the Gohonzon.
Pray for that person we are trying to control and trust in our prayers and in the process.
In this way we change our own self- doubt into self confidence.
Our own addiction into joy.
Our own inner insecurities into rock solid faith.
This is what it means to change poison into medicine.
More on this subject coming.


Turn our flaws into glittering ecstasy.


Yesterday was my birthday and so many nice things have happened to me I wanted to acknowledge them in order to calm my mind.

My life is changing and very quickly.

I’ve made the big and tough decision to quit my job and start something entirely new. ( with frankly no back up plans)

I had planned this birthday trip to the beach way before this moment but now that I’ve gone ahead with spending this money and time for myself so many lovely things are ocurring.

On the way to the beach I had to stop at a mechanic and he told me Thank Goodness! Some sort of burnt out thing in my electric system needs immediate attention. He said the part was hard to come by but he persevered and found it. It will not arrive til one week from today. O.k. so Im stuck on the beach for another week!

When I arrived a ranger in the park gave me a plate if sushi for my birthday! When I got to my spot a group of boys sang happy birthday to me!

I even thought to bring my karaoke microphone and sang them a song.

The weather here is so sweet, so breezy and cool I can sit inside my van without electric.

I slept so well last night.

Yes good things are happening to me!


MARCH PHONE PICS 193.jpgSometimes the road to our inner transformation is strewn with discomfort.

Follow your path and embrace all these feelings for they are the sign post to a new life.

Photo of path behind my home Desert Edge, California.

Quote by B.B. Berg