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TREE OF LIFEThe fifth volume of Great Concentration and Insight states, “As practice progresses and understanding grows, the three obstacles and four devils emerge in confusing form, vying with one another to interfere.” It also states, “It will only be like a boar rubbing against the golden mountain; like the various rivers flowing into the sea; like logs making a fire burn more briskly; or like the wind swelling the body of thekālakula insect.” These passages mean that, if one understands and practices the Lotus Sutra just as it teaches, in accordance with the people’s capacity and at the right time, then these seven obstacles and devils will confront one. Among them, the devil king of the sixth heaven[is the most powerful. He] will possess one’s sovereign, parents, wife or children, lay supporters, or evil persons, and through them will attempt in a friendly manner to divert one from one’s practice of the Lotus Sutra, or will oppose one outright. The practice of Buddhism is always accompanied by persecutions and difficulties corresponding in severity to whichever sutra one may uphold. To practice the Lotus Sutra will provoke particularly harsh persecutions. To practice as it teaches, and in accordance with the time and the people’s capacity, will incite truly agonizing ordeals.

 For entire Gosho see:http://www.nichirenlibrary.org/en/wnd-1/Content/93


Time to reread this and practice it.

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strive to be as strong as a mountain

Guidance: Greg Martin- S.G.I. Buddhism
“Another aspect of Karma which is often misunderstood is this: we often think our Karma is something outside of us. However, someone else’s behavior is not your Karma. Your Karma is that you don’t know how to deal with their behavior. That’s your problem. Your behavior is your Karma. Sometimes we may think that we are a terrible person if we have someone in our environment who is a terrible person. That’s not true. They are a terrible person in their own right.
The question is why are you suffering?

You have the Karma to be with that person, but they were going to be that way anyway. You didn’t make them that way. Ask yourself why are you unable to deal with that person? Why does that person make you angry? Why do you let that person make you unhappy? In such…

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In ancient times we were taught to share our stories. Our life’s experiences are Rich in lessons that can help others.

My Life story is about Great Transformation and I’m still working on it!

I want to share my story so that other’s with similar issues can KNOW that they can do it too!

I am not a Super Being, just an ordinary Joe, but what I have overcome seems miraculous! Incurable ailments, broken bones, deep rooted false belief systems. List below (that I’m still adding too!)

Main Areas: Spirituality, Self love, Self help, Relationships, Changing addictive behaviors, E.F.T. Tapping, Self Hypnosis and more!

Career Focus: Singer, Songwriter, Composer,Healer, Life Coach

Affiliation: S.G.I. Buddhism


I am a professional singer, songwriter, poet and healer/teacher and dancer.

Having practiced/studied S.G.I. Buddhism for the past 32 years I can honestly say I am firmly grounded in the world of spirituality although it is definitely an ongoing process!

I have had many hurdles and trials in my life which were, all in all, the motivation to seek out healing and spirituality and to use my Victories to Help Other. This is what we call Problems,Karma or Obstacles = Mission

Among these Victories are:

The biggest for me was: Overcoming Alcohol Addiction! (Also an Ongoing Process)

  • Overcoming Codependency
  • Completely Curing myself of Paranoid Schizophrenia (Mental Illness) the Doctors said incurable!
  • Eradicating Low Self-Esteem and Building an Indestructible sense of Self and Self Confidence
  • Losing Weight (over 60 lbs!) and Overall Optimum Fitness
  • Healing a broken back
  • Banishing forever “Battered Woman Syndrome” from my life.
  • Completely Changing my Karma in regards to attracting Violence and Rape (starting from the wee age of 13 years old til 27 years old when I discovered this Amazing Buddhist practice!) NEVER AGAIN!
  • Releasing Traumas that stem from infancy. (Traumas so deep and hidden that I didn’t even know I had them!)
  • Overcoming Grief
  • Releasing the idea of old age and all it’s limited thinking
  • And more!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (I have written a Musical,Theater and Therapy show about my life based on the saying: It’s not waiting for the storm to pass but learning to Dance in the Rain SEE YOUTUBE Dancing in the rain by: B.B. Berg   http://youtu.be/XoGPey_olT8

My mantra is “Nam myo ho renge kyo.”

I have traveled to Japan to study this Buddhism and practiced with members from all over the world.

I know through my studies the effect Sound, Music and Mindset have on our systems and how wonderfully healing it is and that  we are all healers. I am also a visual artist and make healing videos set to my music. Affirmations, dream boards, healing, poetry and changing behavioral pattern videos are available on you tube.


My newest healing modality is:

Wing Therapy™

To read more about this please go to:


Now my husband and I make Healing Sound Instruments:




My facebook comment: Barbara Berg Athough I am an S.G.I. Buddhist I am also a linguist, therefore I translate the word “God’ in these passages to what resonates with my soul. Feel free to do the same. We are all together in this.

There is a book that I’ve read that has allowed me to embed  the “broken plate philosophy” into my life.

(Forgive me as I cannot at the moment find the book or the passages)

but What I can do is expound in my own words ,this wonderful way of looking at life!

I want you to imagine the ancient mariners after sailing for months or even years on the open sea.

Way before they call the infamous “LAND HO, they see evidence of the end of their long and arduous journey through the endless blue.

Being experienced sailors they recognize the signs.

The smells of earth.

The birds surrounding the ship.

The seaweed telling them they are in shallow waters.

In this book it tells of a woman’s story of this same occurrence, and I call it “the Broken plate philosophy”.

Following all the prescribed guidances * to manifest abundance and beautiful things into her life,

this woman wanted attract a beautiful set of plates.

*She did the affirmations of love and forgiveness.

*She recognized the power of her words. (whether they were of lack or of fortune)

* She disciplined herself to think positively, no matter what her ‘so called reality’ was.

*She released her deep subconscious  limiting thoughts and thought only of expansion. 

And so one day she happened upon a rummage sale and found the most beautiful, wondrous plate but it was broken!

She went immediately to her friend, the healer, and complained about this broken plate.

“This isn’t what I wanted!”

With great wisdom and compassion the healer told her,”This is the sign!”

This is the sign that you are on the right path, as the sailors, headed towards land!

How happy this woman was to hear these wise and encouraging words!

And so I say to myself and to those of you who may be reading this.

Look for the signs and you will find them.

If we want money and find a penny on the ground, Rejoice!

If we want a great recording studio and find a cassette player, it’s coming!




Just thinking of how far I’ve come! Life is a circus,a beautiful wonderful and exciting Circus of Hope!

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At the tender age of 19, I hitched hiked from my hometown of Rochester, N.Y. to N.Y.C. I was seeking fame and fortune and dreaming of  being a star so……… what better place to go than New York City

My first job was driving a taxi!

What a fun ,crazy job back then for a girl!

My first singing job at Pearls Place

I loved singing so much that when I was offered a job as a singing stripper I thought “why not?” “It’s good money and dancing and fun!”

I was so proud of this I made a scrapbook and showed my mom and dad.  They were very supportive. I guess they were more open minded than I ever imagined!

I met so many interesting people!

As you can see by the look in my eyes, I was a wild ,crazy, fun loving, party girl and unfortunately that got me into…

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